Procedurally generated dinosaurs


Any request to anything other than 'http://the-tinysaur-generator.herokuapp.com' will return a tinySAUR ('http://the-tinysaur-generator.herokuapp.com' will show you these instructions).
For example: 'http://the-tinysaur-generator.herokuapp.com/1':
Smaller versions can be requested with 'small=true'.
For example: 'http://the-tinysaur-generator.herokuapp.com/?small=true':
You can request a tinySAUR without an outline with 'outline=false'.
For example: 'http://the-tinysaur-generator.herokuapp.com/?outline=false':
A particular type of dinosaur can be requested with 'type='. The types are: For example: 'http://the-tinysaur-generator.herokuapp.com/?type=stegosaur':
All together: 'http://the-tinysaur-generator.herokuapp.com/?small=true&outline=false&type=stegosaur':
The server responds to almost any request with a tinySAUR, potentially leading to some amusing side effects, such as the favicon changing to a different tinySAUR every time it's refreshed.

These instructions also use the server itself, so the tinySAURs will be different every time!


Feel free to use the server or the tinySAURs it produces however you like, within reason (e.g. try not to DDoS it). Just don't take credit, and if you can credit me, Elle Sullivan (@THISISDINOSAUR), even better.


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